The Space Bears

Ever wonder if you combined Star Wars with the Ninja Turtles with Power Rangers? Well check out THE SPACE BEARS! Return to the nostalgic fun of your childhood reborn!

From Bat in the Sun!


An adventure book about outer space, planet conservation, and super powered animals!

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The Space Bears are a team of 5 members with environmental superpowers. Three of them, Blizzard, Redwood and Prizm are actually bears, The other two are Everest the panda, and Shelby the koala. Despite two of them are different, they all share in the same goals and embrace the name “Space Bears.” The story focuses on the youngest member Shelby, and her journey of self discovery while trying to fit in. Under the guide of a wise old scientist, Papa Growl, the Space Bears travel the galaxy trying to restore and protect planets that need help. However, along the way they run into the evil Forbodeus and the Royal Crush. Soon, adventure awaits filled with action and heartfelt emotional rescues. Originally created back in 1992, the Space Bears first officially published debut is finally here!This book is important because along with the fun filled action and humor, it takes a close look at many educational themes. The subjects of science, planet conservation, harmony amongst creatures while understanding ones differences, and overcoming setbacks to accomplish ones goals are all explored.Having this book crowd funded is a great way for you, (our fans) and the creators here at Bat in the Sun to connect. Because your support helps to get the book made, we want to share a once opportunity with you to get in on the first publication and appearance of the Space Bears. We believe this project is going to be the start of something special, and crowd funding is a great platform to make this happen. Originally created back in 1992, this is the Space Bears official debut! Jump on and grab this future collectors item! We have already created half the book, but we need your help to finish the rest! Just look at how amazing these pages are! Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke are a father and son creative team responsible for creating Bat in the Sun. Their productions have over half a billion views and garnished them 3 million followers, with their hit series “Super Power Beat Down” winning best web series on youtube! Aaron’s background includes directing, acting, editing, stunts and graphic design. While his father Sean is an accomplished pianist, music composer/songwriter, graphic designer, and director.

JP Pinto joined the Space Bears project a year ago and has provided these amazing renditions for the book. Having been an artist his whole life, JP has been involved with illustrating many popular video game characters and environment designs.